Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The (Mis)Perception of Safety

Yesterday, I was fascinated by the fact that my kids were so enthralled by the athleticism and spirit shown by the runners in the Boston Marathon that once they returned home from watching the race, they hosted their own "marathon" in our back yard, complete with number sheets taped to their shirts. They were oblivious to the tragedy that had occurred, innocence retained despite it's loss elsewhere. I tend to think my fascination humanizes me a little.

Being a security professional during catastrophic human events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing is a sobering position. At times manic with grief and disbelief, and at others a bit calculating and analytical, I can probably come off as standoffish at best, inhumane at worst. I accept the perception that others have of me but I would argue coming from a reasonable perspective is the best way to counter irrational acts of violence.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cloud Computing Dangers: Just Forget About It

This is the final posting (Part 10) of the Case Study in Cloud Computing Dangers.

By the end May 15, Day 7 of our outgoing mail Denial-of-Service on Office 365, on May 15, 2012, everything returned to normal. I was thrilled to find my VA email address flooded with test messages from over the preceding week.

Relief. And then, nothing.

We received no update from Microsoft, no communication from senderbase.org/Cisco, no satisfactory closure of any help desk tickets. Nothing, except for business as usual.